About Us :

Deepak Gulati & Associates (www.dga.in) is a professional service firm whose aim is to provide comprehensive service to turn understanding of information, industries, and business trends into value.

Our is a leading firm of Chartered Accountants rendering comprehensive professional services which include Auditing & Assurance service, Foreign Exchange regulations, Business Restructuring, Accounting and corporate service, Personnel Recruitment, Tax Consultancy (Direct, Indirect, International etc), Transfer Pricing, Expert Advice in Search and Seizure matters, Consultancy in ERP implementation (pre and post), System development

We have the requisite expertise, experience, and talent to devote ourselves whole-heartily to the projects and assignments entrusted to us. The aim is to provide comprehensive in-house services embracing a plethora of branches be those legal, commercial, research, investigation etc.

Our firm has also been nominated as special auditor under Income Tax act, 1961. The senior most partner of our firm, Mr. deepak Gulati, is visiting faculty to Delhi VAT Department.

DGA also runs an accountancy institute where young boys and girls are trained as professional accountant. This activity gives an edge to DGA by providing sufficient skilled labour as well as infrastructure for back office operations.

DGA has offices in New Delhi, Haryana.

We are committed to :

  • Place the Interest of Clients before ours.
  • Uphold High Standards of Honesty and Integrity.
  • Endeavour to improve the quality of services.
  • Excellence in professional services.
  • Continuous education and training of staff and clients.
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